BLOGGING! How does it work?

I have been putting off starting my own blog for a long time because:
 a)  I am much better at responding to what others have wrote either by pointing out what an idiot they are or by riffing off another's comment or joke.  You can find my thoughts, wise and stupid, littered throughout various comment sections all over the interwebs.
 b)  I have a sneaking suspicion that nobody will ever read my crap.

I will start with a couple of quotations not just because I find them apropo but also because I am trying to pad this post as much as I can.  Today, much like yesterday, I have little to say. 

Begin with another's to end with your own.
Baltasar Gracian
The beginning is easy; what happens next is much harder.

As to the question "Is anyone reading this shit?", I have decided to take the following words to heart.  That's right, I am shooting for double digits.

A man really writes for an audience of about ten persons. Of course if others like it, that is clear gain. But if those ten are satisfied, he is content.
Alfred North Whitehead

In conclusion, why gocart mozart and why "The Weather Chart"?  Because its a Fookin' great song that's why.


  1. Nice blog, be a shame if something happened to it...

  2. Anonymous13:57

    You should not have listened to "Anonymous" -- the beginning for you should have been to discontinue the proliferation of such verbal waste. But since you failed to realize the obvious, I only send best wishes for your mental recovery and pray (oh my goodness - not THAT word) that you live alone with forty Siamese and a raunchy litter box.

  3. Blogs are good for putting up your pictures.

    BONUS!: If someone says something bad about your pictures, you can delete their comment.

  4. What Anonymous is trying to say is . . .

  5. acrannymint19:45

    my favorite line:
    Well I unsnapped his skull cap and between his ears I saw a gap but he'd figured he'd be all right

  6. Yo, Gocart, welcome to the blogosphere on computers now. We donts want no trouble so leave the insurance payment in a brown paper bag at the Riddled front desk.
    Ifs you want to borrow the time machine, you might have negotiate with Mikey what with him investigating the Borgias alla time.

  7. Thanks Kiwi. I used to do all my blogging with a pen and paper and just mail a bunch a copies to random people. This computer thing seems much easier.

  8. but much less personal.

    Wait, I will stop by with a copy of my blog.

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